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3D SexVilla 2 : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
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I’ve been playing ThriXXX games since the first 3dSlut game. They constantly push the envelope when it comes to 3d virtual sex animation.

3d Sex Villa2: Everlust or as we members call it 3DSV2 has evolved well beyond the basic “you design the girl, choose the pose and have virtual sex on the screen stage.”

In its basic form, 3dSV2 is a virtual sex simulator. You design the models, choose the clothing, pick the poses and have virtual sex. When the girl orgasms you earn sexcoins which can be used to buy more content. You also earn sexcoins each day you’re a member.

There are 3 modes of play: Freemode, Storymode, Quickmode.
In freemode, you start off clothed, in a basic standing pose. From there you choose different poses and animations to eventually bring the girl to orgasm, to earn sexcoins.
Storymode is a scripted very short story where you make a few choices to lead towards having sex with the girl.
Quickmode puts you right into the action, but you don’t earn sexcoins.
In all 3, you choose the models you wish to use and the setting to put them in.

As of the most recent addition, the library, there are 28 separate sets you can use. But the depth of customization in this process goes far beyond anything else in this industry because of user-made custom content. ThriXXX has created quite a lot of default outfits which you can use, but the user-made custom outfits available number in the hundreds.

Sex Villa has also a pose editor where you can create your own poses, either loops with separate areas for orgasm, cooldown and interactive penetration, or if you are creative and have a lot of patience you can create 16 second seamless animations, which can be chained together in the “sequencer”.

The sequencer is a video timeline which allows you to choose up to 3 models, set up poses, create dialog, create emotes on the models’ faces, choose sounds, and use very sophisticated camera moves like cuts, closeups, pans and follows to create your own unique porn video or if you’re very creative, episodes of long running stories. The main limitation to the sequencer is that set and models cannot be changed in the middle of a sequence. However, clothing, sex toys, and poses, can be changed at will. Once your sequence is complete to your satisfaction, you can record it and then export the video in different codecs, including avi.

There is also a toy editor which allows you to design unique female toys.

The previous review commented on the limited voice capability of the models. That was then, now, there are at least 6 English variations with many more much more realistic sounds, as well as Spanish, French, German, and Italian and Hentai (from Hentai 3D)versions.

Customization options are far and away beyond any other game of its kind. Using pre-designed default models, you can modify faces to create virtually any model, male or female, that you can conceive, including celebrities.

ThriXXX has made the textures of the clothing available to members to modify so there are hundreds of outfits available and more being made daily.

With your subscription to the simulation, you also get access to Gamerotica.com, the ThriXXX community website where users share their creations: models, poses, screenshots, sequences, videos and toys. Users can rate and comment on other users’ creations. There is a very active forum and ThriXXX manages to stay in contact with the site regularly. In fact, and this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in any computer game company, they are also members and share THEIR personal content, and post on the board regularly. If there is a technical problem, they attempt to resolve it very quickly. Their “handles” have become as well known to the users as their own. You will not see this with many other companies. The only one that I ever knew like that was Maxis, creator of the Sims series, but now they have become a corporate monster owned by Electronic Arts and you rarely see SimMasters posting in the forums anymore.

In summary, 3DSV2 is the industry standard for 3d virtual sex simulations. I’ve played most of them and nothing comes close for the sheer size and scope of this game.

It is constantly growing and changing and now 3d SexVilla 3 is in production, due to be released sometime in 2011.

If you like 3d sex simulations, there is none better than 3d Sex Villa 2: Everlust. Try it for a few days. You’ll be amazed.
And be sure to look me up when you get to Gamerotica.

Official Site : 3D SexVilla 2 Homepage

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