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3D SexVilla 2 : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
User Review Rating /10 (Good)
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While this game is far and away the best game on the market today, it’s far from perfect.

Visually, it’s great. The detail level is unsurpassed by any other product. It also contains the largest variety of positions among games I’ve played, as well as having the greatest number of customization options. There are a ton of different locations, outfits, and other accessories to spice up the experience.

The actual sex scenes, however, are rather dull and repetitive. It is really comprised of little more than loop animations. And it’s not very active. In the missionary pose, the woman lays there, practically motionless, while the man thrusts in and out. There really ought to be more to it than that.

At first, I thought the audio was great. The women would talk to you, and moan and groan appropriately. Unfortunately, I discovered that there was an extremely limited number of phrases that the women would say in any given position, and two of the three voice options are just plain hideous. They sound like nails on a chalkboard. Eventually I just turned the voices off (thankfully you can do that) and listened to the FX.

There are several features that do impress me, though, like the ability to have the male orgasm whenever you want (as opposed to filling up a ‘pleasure meter’). The three-way positions are a nice touch, and the story mode adds a degree of challenge to the game. Not much of a challenge, but who wants to play a sex game that has you tearing all the hair out of your head in frustration?

A very good game, but it needs more work to be called a great game.

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