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Red Light Center : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
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Website: Red Light Center Website
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I am addicted! Maybe that’s because i haven’t [in fairness] played many other erotic mmo’s to compare RLC to, but i was a basic member for all of an hour before i was sold on becoming a “vip” member. I have dabbled in Second Life here&there but i was never impressed with it enough to keep coming back for more.

Red Light Center has a very easy&simple learning curve for even the less computer literate &there are plenty of helpful staff and friendly people to help you along. Yes, as a “basic” member you are limited. Even so, if it’s just a social or “dating” experience you are seeking, you can still socialize as a basic member. You can dance, chat publicly, navigate around the 3D world, dance, hold hands, and “kiss” or hug other member’s avatars without paying a dime. You can also access a lot of the community that isn’t vip-only restricted.

As a vip member you can do even more! If publicly socializing and dancing, listening to music and checking out some great venues isn’t enough, or you want to be able to see all adult content (including nude avatars), then the 20usd monthly subscription fee is well worth it (and there are “other” unmentioned ways to pay that fee which you will learn about in-game, for example, earning “rays”, the in-world currency, and paying your vip subscription with them instead of real money).

With vip member status you get your own virtual apartment, called a “zaby”, which you can customize (or have a deco do it for you for rays), enjoy a variety of sexual animations (SL may have more of these, but RLC has more EXPLICIT animation, including customized “skins” and very anatomically correct body parts, including genitals), trade rays on the Utherverse market, buy&sell rays, exchange rays with other members, get married (including plural marriage &same sex marriage), give/receive virtual gifts, own a variety of businesses, form families..the possibilities are many…and the graphics are very competitive with other 3D mmo’s i HAVE played.

Yes, its not perfect..there are glitches, bugs, and sometimes crashes, with frequent “patches”, and sometimes the patches do more harm than good (which goes back to “nothing’s perfect” reality of the inventions of man) but it IS virus-free, i have had NO issues with my pc as a result of playing rlc or using the compatible social network (where you create a profile)..also, the team of people on rlc are quick to respond to bugs and fix them, either on an individual basis or during the next patch. For the most part, the glitches don’t stop me from coming back for more and some are even funny &amusing topics of conversation with other members (for example, the “boot monster”). Gaming can go on and on without any glitches a lot of the time, which has been my experience for the most part.

There is a compatible social network which both vip and basic members can enjoy, with a profile which you can fill with as much or as little information as you want to give other members about yourself. You can rate photos and profiles and “level up” on the point system, as well as earn even earn rays whenever your profile is viewed by another member. There are privacy settings both in-game and on the social network, for a customized and “peace of mind” experience, and you can “ignore” or block any member who insists on giving you a difficult time.

All in all, RLC is one of the most awesome things i have found on the web so far…but it IS what you make it…enjoy!

Official Site : Red Light Center Homepage

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