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Red Light Center : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
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First, the only reason that I gave it a 4 is because you can actually have virtual cybersex here. And it’s not just some stick figure bouncing on another. However, it’s basically just a sex chat with avatars.

Point 1, Graphics. The graphics are lacking. Not as much as other sex games or so called virtual worlds. But they are lacking. There are glitches with clothes, rooms, avatars and other things. The slow loading and the constant instability are called ‘glitches’ that at the time of me leaving it, had no prospect of being fixed. Not to mention that if there are a lot of players in an area, the entire room may not even load. Another problem with graphics is the generic nature. There are not a lot of options if you don’t choose to shop in the clothing store. And if you don’t have VIP, nearly zero options for clothes. The virtual apartments are generic and they don’t have a lot of options for decoration if you don’t want to spend some additional money.

Point 2, VIP means everything. When you first enter the ‘world’ you are basic. Meaning that your name is in green. Most of the people that have VIP status will ignore you or pressure you to get VIP. Other people that are only basic will constantly pester those with VIP to either buy them VIP or to do things like dance, accept friend requests and rate their profile. If you don’t have VIP, you can’t engage in cybersex, you can basically only dance, walk around or talk in public. If you ask for help from a mod, you’re told that VIP is better for you and are then pressured to get VIP.

Point 3, It’s a chat with avatars. That’s what it is. It’s a giant chat room with avatars. Meaning, that all the annoyances of conventional chat rooms are multiplied. Imagine if that chat troll could ‘whip it out’. Which is exactly what a lot of them do. The mods and ‘protectors’ are supposed to be there to make sure that everyone has a good time. But most of the time, they’re too busy with the vast popularity contest and chatting with their friends than to actually do their job. And like a lot of other chats, if you don’t kiss the mods and protectors butts, then you’re ignored.

Point 4, it’s a popularity contest. There are obviously some players that practically live in world. And others that are there enough to be called ‘regulars’ or ‘regs’ and if you can’t be called a ‘reg’ then you’re basically ignored. In some of the clubs, you’re called a ‘noob’ and you’re the butt of the jokes just because you’re new. If you don’t engage in cybersex with every person that asks for it, or you’re picky about who you accept friend requests from, then you’re viewed as rude. And watch who you turn down, because there was some behavior that spoke to Mods and Admins being there incognito. Also, if you don’t have ‘proof’ of your gender. I.E. naked pictures on your profile, then you’re called names. And beware of the ‘families’. The groups of people that have abbreviations behind their names. Because they’re the worst butt kissers of them all. There are also some that take it entirely too seriously. People that will go to the mods and admins if you don’t give out a bunch of personal information. And they will admonish you, telling you that it’s a social community and that a certain degree of personal information is needed to run the world smoothly.

Point 5, roleplay is almost non existent. It’s a cybersex game, yes. But some people there are also serious roleplayers. I am a serious roleplayer. But most of the serious roleplayers are in the BDSM community and that’s not my thing. It was funny to me, that when I refused so many offers of random cybersex, I counted one night, I refused 5 offers. I was suddenly booted from the game and couldn’t get back in for over an hour. When I did get back in, I did another experiment and after refusing another 5 offers, I was once again booted and couldn’t get back in for over an hour. Upon getting back in, I asked about this. And I was given a canned message about it being a cybersex game and that it depended on its players being social. When I tried to ask about the message, suddenly the mod had a ‘busy’ message up.

Point 6, Broken English. In certain areas of the game, there are places where English is not the spoken language. And at the time of me playing the game, it said in the rules, that if you’re not fluent in English then go to the areas where your language is the spoken language. But that’s not what happens. In most of the sex clubs, you will run into people that are obviously using google translator and don’t understand what ‘no’ means. I frequently had naked avatars following me with sexual propositions in broken English. And when they finally got the hint, was called names. This happens much too often. And should be taken into consideration if you’re wanting good conversation and not just sloppy cyber.

Point 7, Badly modded. As I’ve mentioned before, this game has mods and admins. But the problem is, a lot of the mods are overly lax with some, and overly strict with others. There are clubs that are blatantly against the rules, members that ask for things that are against the rules and if they’re in good with the Mods, it’s ignored. If you’re not in good with the mods, and you complain. Get ready to be booted and or banned. Get ready to be banned if you’re not in good with the Mods anyway. Happened to a friend of mine.

Point 8, People with multiple accounts. There are people with multiple accounts that obviously use them to hassle others. So before you turn someone down, think, they may be a mod in disguise or just a person with too much time on their hands and is a griefer.

In conclusion. If you’re only looking for pure cyber sex or just a place to waste time and not care about what others say about you, the tech problems or the myspace/facebook like drama. Then you’ll love it. But if you’re looking for a place to do intricate roleplay or a place to actually make friends, like the game claims to be. You’re out of luck.

Official Site : Red Light Center Homepage

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