Review: 3D SexVilla 2

3D SexVilla 2 : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Outstanding) Winner: "Best Singleplayer Sex Game"
The most realistic Virtual Sex available
Endless customization capabilities: Long-Term stimulation guaranteed
Frequent Content Updates
Website: 3D SexVilla 2 Website
Outstanding features, detailed customization capabilities and constantly upcoming content updates make 3D SexVilla 2 the leader when talking about virtual sex. “A milestone in the virtual sex development.” Let’s review the following game aspects: Account Setup Installation Game Configuration & Customization Virtual Sex Controlling Virtual Sex Animation Content Specials / Techniques Account Setup The only thing necessary for getting a free copy of 3D SexVilla 2 from the is to enter your e-mail address and to click the “Create Free Account” button. You then will shortly receive a mail including a link for your account activation,

Review: Red Light Center

Red Light Center : Multiplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Outstanding)
Free Basic Membership Winner: "Best Multiplayer Sex Game"
Safe and exciting space for exploring your fantasies
The actual registered user base (early 2013) has reached 6 million
Website: Red Light Center Website
Red Light Center (RLC), available since May 2006, is an online adult 3D virtual reality sex world where nudity and sex are a primary entertainment aspect. The only thing necessary for downloading the Red Light Center 3D Client is to enter your e-mail address to get free access to the virtual world. You will receive an account setup e-mail, clicking the contained activation link will validate your account and allow you to login. During the installation process an introduction video runs that makes you familar with the first steps, being logged in for the first time

Review: 3DXChat

3DXChat : Multiplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
Incomparably incredible realistic 3D graphics and life-like virtual sex
Motion capture animation from real-life porn actors
Bundle Offer that includes the entire Sex Game Devil lineup of sex games including free updates and new game releases
Website: 3DXChat Website
The famous developer team Sex Game Devil, well-known for high quality 3D sex games as Juliet Sex Session and Nemo’s Whores, have released 3DXChat, the first multiplayer (!) game in their lineup of sex games. The 3D graphics and animations in this game have reached a level of detail and realism that can’t be found in any other game on the market right now. Life-like virtual sex through motion capture animation from real-life porn actors & Real-Life stretching and bending of the ladies holes and the men’s cocks. In 3DXChat you have… Full control over the character appearance

Review: Chathouse 3D

Chathouse 3D : Multiplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
Free Account to access a limited version of the game
Very large thrixxx user base
Carefully thought out role-play system
Graphics and animations of superior quality
Website: Chathouse 3D Website
After years of intensive development the famous thriXXX studios released Chathouse 3D, the first multiplayer game in their line of sex games. Since many years the thriXXX development studio is a guarantor of high quality 3D animated sex simulation games such as 3D SexVilla 2, the front runner in the single player virtual sex games genre. Entering the multiplayer market was only a matter of time. All their development skills & expertises plus years of experience in the sex games industry created this new 3D online world where multiple players connect with each other for erotic meetings.

Review: Hentai 3D 2

Hentai 3D 2 : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
Huge variety of asian girls
Beautiful high detailed graphics
Life-Like Sex with a stunning number of sex positions and actions
Frequent Content Updates
Website: Hentai 3D 2 Website
Let’s review Hentai 3D 2, the interactive anime hentai sex game with outstanding quality and content. Forget the times of passive entertainment! Always just looking at pictures and movie-clips isn’t the real way of how we want to be part of the action, eh ? In the age of highly sophisticated computer games one should think that there is more available than static sex content, and there definitely is: The guys from the Thrixxx development team just released the successor of the already popular game Hentai 3D, Hentai 3D 2. A fully interactive virtual sex game

Review: AChat

AChat : Multiplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
Free Account to access a limited version of the game
Growing AChat community of 650.000 members (early 2013)
Simple partner search (sex, race, age, orientation, ...)
More than 50 sex positions, 300 sex variations and 1000 outfits
Website: AChat Website
AChat provides an online platform where one can chat and have virtual 3D sex with real partners online. Downloading the AChat client software and the basic registration (just free to choose username and email address) for accessing the AChat community is absolutely free. Even try the AChat partner search without installing the AChat client. After logging in for the first time take your time to create your virtual character, use the basic body, clothing and accessories set to design your avatar. If you like specify your sexual preferences, an important step for later on finding ideal sexual partners.

Review: Girlvania

Girlvania : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
The smoothest sex simulation available
She reaches her climax when she decides to, no idiotic "click for climax" button
Graphics and animations of superior quality: Rich in detail and realistic
Website: Girlvania Website
Girlvania “Summer Lust” developed by Girlvanic Studios is a downloadable single player sex game that focuses on lesbian sex simulations to be played offline (one time purchase, no membership or subscriptions). On the games homepage one finds the statement “smoothest sex simulation” which hits the heart of the matter! The unique feature of Girlvania is the smoothness of all the elements important for a successful sex simulation: the extremely easy handling, the naturalness of the models and the pleasant ambience. Girlvania reaches a level of eroticism where most other sex games are long way behind. Say hello to

Review: BoneTown

BoneTown : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
Free Demo
Surrounding gameplay make sex acts an immersive experience
Website: BoneTown Website
Compared to other games available supporting virtual sex, BoneTown is the first one that has reached a level of game play that one can name in the same breath with the big titles of mainstream games, especially the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series is similar to the BoneTown game play in 3rd-person view comic-style. Most of the singleplayer sex games currently available do mainly focus on the sophisticated virtual sex support without having features of conventional game play beyond it, some exceptions are: Game Genre Virtual Sex Game Play Sex Station 7 First-Person Shooter Poor Poor Lula3D Adventure

Review: Virtual Hottie 2

Virtual Hottie 2 : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
Lovely, rich in detail and diversified sexual animations
Very good customization and configuration possibilities
Website: Virtual Hottie 2 Website
Virtual Hottie 2 is an advanced sexual simulation with detailed graphics and 3D animations. After 3 years of development all the virtual sex experiences gained with it’s predecessor Virtual Hottie 1 have been realized/enhanced to this new product. This product is also sold under the name 3D Girlz in a slightly adapted version. As of 2010 the successor is available with impressive looking graphics and features (…the corresponding game review is pending…). OK, let’s divide Virtual Hottie 2 into the following sections on which we’ll have a detailed look to give you a feeling for the

Review: Sociolotron

Sociolotron : Multiplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
Very addictive game
Strong player community
Website: Sociolotron Website
Sociolotron is a real MMOVSG especially designed for players age 21 and older! This prerequisite enables Sociolotron to have no censorship or boundaries of game play (except for legal reasons). Sociolotron allows you to blackmail your fellow players, to assassinate them, to have sex (also forced), to live out your darkest fantasies and to face death as a reality. Be aware of the following Sociolotron mechanics that would be considered mean in other games before deciding whether to play this game: – permanent death – get arrested in prison for some weeks – get forced into drug abuse

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