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Beauty 3D : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
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Beauty 3D Review

Beauty 3D comes up with 3 girls:
– Julie (young blonde)
– Lily (sweet red head)
– Emily (older blonde)

You act as a player in first-person view, you can freely move in the game environment (beach, pool) using the well-known W,A,D,S keys.
This is a unique feature when comparing Beauty 3D with other single payer sex games where you normally switch from one scenery to the next, here a free moving space (environment) has been developed which makes the experience more immersive and life-like.

First you have to choose between the “easy” and the “challenging” game play mode.
While all options for undressing and having sex with the girls are enabled off the start in the easy mode, you first have to get on with the girls by arousing them in the challenging mode.

Choose your desired girl, our favorite is definitely Lily. After a short introduction story you are free to act with the girl in the following modes (right mouse click activates the cursor):
– Photo Mode
– Touch Mode
– Sex Mode

The Photo Mode

In the photo mode (yes, you’ve guessed it already) you may take pictures with the following options:
– change clothes (different bikinis)
– change poses (sexy poses, dance moves, lie/sit, rear view)
(the camera will automatically make a smooth zoom on the girl after every pose switch, the girls look will follow the camera)
– take off bra/panties (see all the poses/moves with the girl naked)

Every girl has their very own set of clothes & poses/moves !

The Touch Mode

With the following options you may also call it the foreplay mode:
– take off bikini top
– take off bikini panties
– touch her
Use your virtual hand to squeeze her tits and cunt, you and the girl will moan&groan during this hand session. In the challenging mode you first have to arouse the girl with your hands to unlock the “take off bra” and “take off panties” button, finally you unlock the “sex mode” button.

In Beauty 3D you may take pictures anytime during touch or photo mode, these pictures are stored in your photo gallery.
After a session with one of the girls you may go through those taken pictures and save them as jpeg-files to the games picture folder.

The Sex Mode

Every girl has their very own sequence of sex positions, experience every sequence in little steps (next button). You may vary the fucking speed or just do the girl by default speed. Like in the touch and photo modes the camera has a free adjustable 360 degree zoom.

The sex animations come up in good and realistic quality. The girls will moan and groan.


Get on with Julie on the beach in the daytime. You may play with the girls in the bright sun in front of the blue ocean. Be sure to have some beach visitors that will observe your intimacy.

Get on with Lily at the beach at night. You will have lovely moonlight under the starry sky at an empty beach being all alone with your girl. Fireflies and a campfire will provide a atmospheric ambiance.

Get on with Emily at the pool. Every scenery has their own music and background sound.


The graphics come up in good quality and with appealing light effects. The girls have well designed and smooth bodies with nice tits and cunts.

Desirable Features

Some features that are currently missing:
– different boobs and body sizes for the girls
– different faces for the girls
– facial impressions during sex
– cumshot and blowjob
– free to choose sex positions and position changes
– more sex positions
– camera zoom option after the sex act to see the girl from all perspectives


A really promising game with some outstanding features, especially the free movement option creates a lifelike experience, worth to check out.

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Beauty 3D Spec Sheet

Beauty 3D

Virtual sex game with 3 girls in first-person player view in a free movement environment instead of static environments. Sex animations come up in good and realistic quality.
DeveloperKaplay Studio
TypeSingleplayer Virtual Sex Game
GenreVirtual Sex Game
Platforms Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Price$39.99 for Full Version
WebsiteBeauty 3D Website
Beauty 3D, 6.4 out of 10 based on 37 ratings

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