BoneTown Review

BoneTown : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
The first game that combines high quality game play with the support of virtual sex
The enhancement “Episode One” is available for FREE
Website: BoneTown Website

BoneTown Review

Compared to other games available supporting virtual sex, BoneTown is the first one that has reached a level of game play that one can name in the same breath with the big titles of mainstream games, especially the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series is similar to the BoneTown game play in 3rd-person view comic-style.

Most of the singleplayer sex games currently available do mainly focus on the sophisticated virtual sex support without having features of conventional game play beyond it, some exceptions are:

Game Genre Virtual Sex Game Play
Sex Station 7 First-Person Shooter Poor Poor
Lula3D Adventure Poor Acceptable
Playboy The Mansion Empire Simulation Poor Acceptable
How does BoneTown fit into this list respectively enhances this list ?
BoneTown GTA-style mature gangster simulation Strong Strong

BoneTown is the first one combining appealing game play with the support of hardcore virtual sex!

The lack of atmosphere is always a disadvantage of sex games that do solely focus on virtual sex, you have to make up lots of own fantasies to make the virtual sex experience stimulating. Having a surrounding game play stimulates your fantasies automatically and makes the upcoming sex act an immersive, barrier-free and “easy” experience, especially because of sex partners having identities like in BoneTown !

Let’s have a closer look at BoneTown and what the makers overall statement is about it:
“Live by the Three F’s, Fucking, Fighting, and getting Fucked up.”
Everything is about violence, humor, sex, drugs and alcohol,
the cornerstones of the BoneTown world.
“This place is all about your balls.”
The little-balled newbie will first have to deal with the fat girls until the hot chicks even will take notice of them.
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Game Play

You will have to solve quests (missions) like known from GTA.
Be aware of the black-dressed “man agents”, the keepers of decency will directly attack if you get caught by having fun, so keep your eyes open…

Many collectables are available, you purchase them, find them in hidden places or just obtain them by knocking the shit out of somebody (that’s for the impatient ones 😉
– potions to steal people’s identities after you’ve knocked them out
– different drugs and alcohols to gain special abilities
– different powerful weapons
– etc.

Game Controls

There’s a red question mark floating at the very beginning on the wooden pier, hit ENTER to see all the tips to get familiar with the controls, etc. at first.

A small controls overview:

Key Action
ENTER Select something
TAB Select sex type: intercourse, blowjob, anal (symbol looks like a pie)blow job : fills up stamina (life)
pussy sex : increase balls
butt sex : fill stamina and increase balls
Q Pick up weapon / Steal someone’s identity
F Take out / Put away weapon
MOUSE WHEEL Select drug
E Use drug
R Talk
MOUSE LEFT/RIGHT Left/Right punch
W,A,S,D Run

There are different kinds of meters:

The Health meter
…zero means being knocked out and loosing all clothes, weapons and cash.
The Ball size meter
…the bigger your balls the nicer/hotter the girls that may be interested in you, start with the chubby chicks.
The Sex meter
…your stamina and the excitement level of the girls.

Virtual Sex

Let’s come to the essential part: How do we get the girls laid ?
You already know how to ask a girl with the TAB-control for the sex type you prefer the most, OK , let’s see some of the civilized questions the dude you’re playing comes up with:
” Hi, can I stick my dick in your ass ? ”
” Wanna meet my purple warrior ? ”
…just to get answers like:
” I would not fuck you, ever! ”
You will piss yourself laughing.

The virtual sex animations and variety isn’t as sophisticated as you will face it in games like 3D SexVilla 2 for example, but that’s not the main target of BoneTown. The BoneTown virtual sex is perfectly fitting into the rough comic-style game play and thus absolutely stimulating and convincing, especially because of the game atmosphere mentioned before.

The sexual positions are chosen by the game automatically, during sex press the left mouse button to slap her ass or push her head down while she’s giving some nice blowjob (forced deep throat). Zoom in for close-ups to get the best view on the action.

Increase/Decrease your fucking speed and power to fulfill the girls ideals as they change to make her reach climax, make your balls grow !
But get her off before you run out of stamina…

Throw your inhibitions over board and rule the (very adult) BoneTown World!

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First sex game comparable to other big titles of mainstream games due to its complex GTA-like gameplay. Solving quests and finding collectables will lead you from one sex act to the other.
DeveloperD-Dub Software
TypeSingleplayer Virtual Sex Game
GenreAction Sex Adventure
Platforms Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Price$39.99 for the boxed version
$34.99 for the download version
No monthly fee
WebsiteBoneTown Website
BoneTown, 8.4 out of 10 based on 162 ratings

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BoneTown User Review by Damionte

User Review Rating 9.0/10

Bonetown is the first full porn game to hit the market in a long long time. What I mean by that is that this isn’t some cheap flash game created by some solo student somewhere. Bonetown is a full run