Lula 3D Review

Lula 3D : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Passable)

Lula 3D Review

Lula3D is a Single Player 3D-Action-Erotic-Adventure based on the Vulpine Vision Graphics Engine which enables the game to have figures with up to 5.000 polygons and therefore really good female curves. The screenshots taken out of the Over-18th section show very good graphics of Lula. As you can see there is no genitalia shown, the game is released for an age of at least 16.

The game has over 50 characters and a lot of sex scenes, partly showing the self-masturbating Lula, partly showing sex between characters. Judge for yourself if this is stimulating your erotic fantasies.

As described on the Fan Site sometimes it can happen that the game crashes, so the advice is to save before difficult parts.

Lula, producer for erotic movies, is facing big problems as their 3 main actresses for the next movie have been kidnapped. With a hint to San Francisco a road movie starts in which you are adventuring Lula to famous places of the USA.

In the News section of the official game website you will find a link to a playable demo.

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Lula 3D

Singleplayer 3D-Action-Erotic-Adventure
DeveloperCDV Software Entertainment AG
TypeSingleplayer Virtual Sex Game
GenreSex Adventure
Platforms Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
PriceAbout $20
Lula 3D, 5.0 out of 10 based on 124 ratings

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5.0/10 (Passable)
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