Red Light Center Review

Red Light Center : Multiplayer Virtual Sex Game
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Meet “real” people and explore your sexual fantasies with them
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Red Light Center Review

Winner 2015 Best Multiplayer Sex Game

Red Light Center (RLC), available since May 2006, is an online adult 3D virtual reality sex world where nudity and sex are a primary entertainment aspect.

The only thing necessary for downloading the Red Light Center 3D Client is to enter your e-mail address to get free access to the virtual world. You will receive an account setup e-mail, clicking the contained activation link will validate your account and allow you to login.

During the installation process an introduction video runs that makes you familar with the first steps, being logged in for the first time you can personalize your unique avatar with new outfits, etc.

One of the Red Light Center emphasis is the support of XXX commerce, the world (according to the famous Red Light District of Amsterdam) is full of shops for pictures and videos, you can even set up your own store to sell real and virtual sex.

Make your first sexual experiences by getting private with some of the RLC sex bots. Practice the variety of cybersex positions from a list of moves and sub-moves.
The move changes are lovely animated with a seamless fade effect. There are straight and lesbian pairings supported, including homosexual options. Several themed and equipped rooms are available for BDSM play.
Also VOIP is supported and gets automatically activated when you enter a private room, this gives you the extra arousal…

One main target of the Red Light Center producers is to focus on lesbian sex, they want to provide a safe space for giving woman the possibility to explore their (maybe upcoming) lesbian fantasy from home in a lifelike way. There is a wide range of sexuality available, from romantic kissing over the use of sex toys to the hardcore variants.

Besides the sex act there are various regular community events and scene places to socialize with each other in the Red Light Center world, you can even set up your own event.

Some examples for community events:

  • parties
  • classes
  • meeting rooms
  • live music/dancing
  • art-gallery openings

Some examples for the community scene places:

  • nightclubs
  • bars
  • movie theaters
  • stores

Something funny, visit Merlin’s Cafe to find a variety of hookahs. The pipes can be freely smoked which turns your avatar in beeing “virtually high”…

Everytime you log in to Red Light Center you get a quick information overview in form of a news and event calender containing the upcoming items.
An additional comprehensive directory (from which you easily select where to transport) lists all in-world locations with descriptive short informations and how many users are currently there. In-world locations are sorted by category (Most Popular, Adult, Orientation, Entertainment, Arts, Recreation, etc.) and language (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish).

The Red Light Center world continually comes up with versatile enhancements, so stay tuned…

Red Light Center World Locations

After your login to the RLC world you enter the transporter room, kind of dispatcher that allows you to transport to other key locations (e.g. Virtual Vancouver) of the virtual world.

Some examples of in-world locations:

In the Aquarium users can swim with different undersea animals and explore a sunken pirate ship. The rocks around this aquarium provide room to socialize with people who share this beach area with you. Behind the aquarium you’ll find various small caves.

The city area Virtual Vancouver (VV) provides the following locations:
Skatepark, Chapel, Amphitheatre, Discotheque “The Blur”, Beach Promenade

The House of Leather and Lace (LaL) is a privately operated area in Red Light Center. There is no special membership required to enter the LaL but has VIP-only access which means no basic tourists are allowed to enter.
The outer area of the house is divided into the followig parts:
– A big hot tub with a starry sky and a sea of candles
– “The lake”, a very large pool surrounded by lovely seating arrangements
– The beach houses where every house supports a population of 20 members, the only locations for having virtual sex in the outer area of the LaL (because of the population range rather a public sex area)

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Red Light Center

The number one virtual reality sex world, flirt and connect with adult people from all over the world. Let your imaginations run wild.
DeveloperUtherverse Inc.
TypeMultiplayer Virtual Sex Game
GenreMMO Social Game
Platforms Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
PriceFree Basic Membership (no monthly fee)
$20 monthly for VIP Membership
WebsiteRed Light Center Website
Red Light Center, 7.2 out of 10 based on 704 ratings

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Red Light Center User Review by Viperette

User Review Rating 4.0/10

First, the only reason that I gave it a 4 is because you can actually have virtual cybersex here. And it’s not just some stick figure bouncing on another. However, it’s basically just a sex chat with avatars. Point 1,

Red Light Center User Review by Lady Tornado Tongue

User Review Rating 10.0/10

I am addicted! Maybe that’s because i haven’t [in fairness] played many other erotic mmo’s to compare RLC to, but i was a basic member for all of an hour before i was sold on becoming a “vip” member. I

Red Light Center User Review by Alicia Xui

User Review Rating 9.5/10

Read the reviews that were years ago? terrible? not in my experience. I joined in 2011 and am very impressed. The people complaining are those who try the ‘basic’ membership. You can’t do anything as a ‘greenie’ so don’t waste

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