Sociolotron Review

Sociolotron : Multiplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
MMO role-playing game (MMORPG)
Very addictive game
Strong player community
Website: Sociolotron Website

Sociolotron Review

Sociolotron is a real MMOVSG especially designed for players age 21 and older! This prerequisite enables Sociolotron to have no censorship or boundaries of game play (except for legal reasons).

Sociolotron allows you to blackmail your fellow players, to assassinate them, to have sex (also forced), to live out your darkest fantasies and to face death as a reality.

Be aware of the following Sociolotron mechanics that would be considered mean in other games before deciding whether to play this game:
– permanent death
– get arrested in prison for some weeks
– get forced into drug abuse or prostitution
– get discriminated for religious, sexual and racial reasons
If somebody does any of these things to you it’s part of the alternate Sociolotron reality and no reason to complain to game masters.

“If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen!”

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If you commit yourself to this description knowing the difference between game and reality you may have a fascinating social experience in a world with complete different values and rules.

The development team of Sociolotronics LLC is a very small but passionate group who make this game possible in the spare time of their jobs, so please don’t expect big 3D graphics, the Sociolotron graphics are still very nice and there is a commitment for steady improvement.

On the Sociolotron homepage you will find a detailed description of the IDEA behind this game which is worth reading as it describes the evolution of sex in games in a way fully supports.

Sociolotron World Introduction

Sociolotron plays in the first decade of the 22nd century after the world that we know fell apart during the 21st century due to a biological weapon attack of some Arab terrorists which only left one oil field in the north sea that lead to battles between the armies of the world.

The shattered land of Britain has produced a London city with people that preached a life full of self indulgence, lust and joy. They also discovered many of the old magical rituals related to sexuality which were performed by Shamans thousands of years ago and began to worship ancient Succubus demons, while the followers of the “Inquisition” as they called themselves, managed to gain magical power from ancient rituals of the Order of the Templar Knights which mainly involved sacrificing the impure.

On this London, full of street gangs, cultists, criminals and other scum, lies an ancient prophecy that a gate to the underworld shall open in that city at the turn of the century and the legions of the undead shall rule the world from London. Until now, the first decade of the 22nd century, no such hordes have emerged from The City, but word has it, that dark beings roam the streets at night and sometimes dead citizens are found in the morning, drained of blood or other fluids. Apparently, King Richard V has now instructed all robot guards to watch out for any unusual activities. So far, nothing could be found and an uneasy peace seems to hold The City in its grip…

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Sociolotron Spec Sheet


Radically different from everything else: A multiplayer online role-playing game with no censorship or boundaries of game play. Become a business owner, run for government positions, be a prostitute and a lot of other things.
DeveloperSociolotronics, LLC
TypeMultiplayer Virtual Sex Game
GenreMMO Role-Playing Game
Platforms Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Price$4 for the first 30 days
$9.95 per month after that
After 6 month your price will be lowered to $8.95 per month
After 1 year your price will be lowered to $7.95 per month
WebsiteSociolotron Website
Sociolotron, 7.6 out of 10 based on 730 ratings

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7.6/10 (Good)
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Sociolotron User Review by Lusty Busty

User Review Rating 10.0/10

I love Sociolotron, Sociolotron is a real adult role play game that has everything you can imagine. Gay straight bi she-male, Hermes the full gamut is covered. The skills are a lot of fun and the community is awesome. Everyone

Sociolotron User Review by Gray

User Review Rating 3.0/10

At first when I began the game I was blown away at the detail in the ways of actually being able to interact with the world around you. Able to buy a house, hunt, sell, have relationships, solve crimes, and

Sociolotron User Review by Snoopdog

User Review Rating 10.0/10

What can I say what the others haven’t said already? Graphics isn’t the best and it’s hard to get started as a newbie player although they now have what they call a “newbie trail” which is a series of ingame

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