Virtual Hottie 2 Review

Virtual Hottie 2 : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
Lovely, rich in detail and diversified sexual animations
Very good customization and configuration possibilities
Website: Virtual Hottie 2 Website

Virtual Hottie 2 Review

Virtual Hottie 2 is an advanced sexual simulation with detailed graphics and 3D animations. After 3 years of development all the virtual sex experiences gained with it’s predecessor Virtual Hottie 1 have been realized/enhanced to this new product.

This product is also sold under the name 3D Girlz in a slightly adapted version.
As of 2010 the successor 3D Girlz 2 is available with impressive looking graphics and features (…the corresponding game review is pending…).

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OK, let’s divide Virtual Hottie 2 into the following sections on which we’ll have a detailed look to give you a feeling for the ability of the game to fulfill your expectations:

  • Game configuration/customization
  • Sex controlling
  • Sex animation
  • Specials / Techniques
  • Conclusion

Game configuration/customization

There is one easy-to-understand main screen for the whole game configuration and the customization of the sex actors and sceneries.

You can configure
– the environment/scenery
(island, temple, forest, room)
– the scenario
(single girl, guy and girl, girl on girl, threesome)

You can customize
– the face
(Ethnicity: latino/asian/black/white, hair style and color, eye color, glossiness)
– the body
(breast size A to DDD, piercing, skin tone, shaving type, penis size)
– the clothes
(lingerie, underwear, glasses)

After you have configured Virtual Hottie 2 in the way you like actually the most πŸ˜‰
“Uhh, I need that teacher-like-dressed-woman-with-glasses-and-little-breasts…”
“Yeah, gimme that big-breasted-brown-bitch…”
you can start playing.

The girls additionally have their own personality, you will find the more rough or soft characters.

Sex controlling

In general you have two possibilities to enjoy sex acts: The “active” or “passive” way !

The sex actors deal with each other automatically. You can decide the action speed like “slow, normal and fast” which results i.e. “fast fucking” or “slow sucking” πŸ˜‰

You do the fucking, the speed is in every move up to you.

Regardless of the active/passive adjustment you can always

  • select the sex position
    (doggy style, cowboy, spooning, blow job, titty fuck, …)
  • select the view position in a absolutely free way, this means there is NO view position that cannot be obtained !
    > zoom in/out whenever and how near/far you want to have an amazing detailed look
    (i.e. penis/vagina or facial expression) or the total scenery
    > rotate in 360Β° horizontal/vertical
    > have preconfigured view positions for a quick view switch
  • deal with toys (dildo, banana, sex machine, vibrator) or a virtual hand to the sex actors

The are two sexual barometers a “heart icon” and a “drop icon”:

  • The filling level of the heart shows you the sexual arousal of the girls
  • The filling level of the drop shows you the sexual arousal of yourself

That means the icon filling level shows how close the girls or you are in front of the orgasm respectively the cum shot πŸ˜‰

Sex animation

Virtual Hottie 2 is actually one of the most realistic sex games available.
Graphics, animations and possibilities are impressive!

In comparison to other games this is one of the huge kicks of Virtual Hottie 2:
There are NO boring and constant “in and outs” and seamless position changes !

It’s amazing how lovely, rich in detail and diversified the sexual animations are.
Every sex position has it’s own, very realistic movement sequence.
It’s nearly impossible to explain this fact in detail and understandable way
but let’s try it for one position (we love the most):
The 69′
In our opinion perfectly animated because of the realistic animation sequence:
giving deep throat -> pausing because of too hot guy licking -> little hand job
The position changes are lovely animated, that’s really fine work.

Specials / Techniques

You’ll be able to save your own movies out of the game:
Engine and direct your own adult film !

Some of the graphical enhanced features are:

  • Real-time soft body dynamics (for simulating soft moving skin tissue)
  • Multiple texture levels on the characters (enabling the viewer to see all the way down to the follicle level of the skin)
  • Real-time reflections for water and particles
  • Real-time wind effects and dynamics for hair simulation
  • Real-time Depth of Field (Game Engine blurs background like a real camera)
  • Real-time Soft Shadows


We love it ! πŸ™‚

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Virtual Hottie 2 Spec Sheet

Virtual Hottie 2

3D virtual sex game with high-end graphical real-time features. Beautiful girls.
DeveloperSolark, LLC
TypeSingleplayer Virtual Sex Game
GenreVirtual Sex Game
Platforms Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Price$19.95 for 30 Days
then if desired $19.95 recurring monthly
$54.94 for 365 days (non-recurring)
WebsiteVirtual Hottie 2 Website
Virtual Hottie 2, 6.9 out of 10 based on 92 ratings

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