XOXCity SeduCity Review

XOXCity SeduCity : Multiplayer Virtual Sex Game
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Website: XOXCity SeduCity Website

XOXCity SeduCity Review

XOXCity (respectively SeduCity, this two VZone worlds merged) is a two-dimensional and cartoonish animated virtual world community of about 5,000 users where one can meet, chat, and hook up with people from all over the world.

You can design your avatar in many different ways. The basic outfits are available for free, the enhanced ones and better face or body parts are available at additional cost in the virtual shops and catalogs. There is an extensive list of accessories. The more advanced users even purchase and decorate apartments within the city.

Lot of maneuvers and gestures are supported for messaging and traveling which need some time to get familiar with.

XOXCity (SeduCity) offers tutorials on how to simulate sex with the Live Chat and Live Cam features. The avatar anatomy has full genitalia for the visualization of sexuality by jamming your avatars together.

The opinions about finding a partner in XOXCity differ in different game posts on the web, some say you need really good luck, the others say that is an immediate thing.

In times of sophisticated multiplayer worlds like Red Light Center this game is more for lovers of vintage worlds.

XOXCity SeduCity World Introduction

You will find a small but colorful world with lots of possibilities. Some of the doings are:

  • go to the beach
  • get a massage at the spa
  • watch strippers in the club
  • stroll through the park
  • visit the domination lobby
  • go to the orgy room
  • or just walk around until someone gets in contact with you

There is a feature that lets you know where most of the people actually are so that you do not need to examine all the 100 rooms.

Probably the best way to get familiar with XOXCity is to find a citizen and ask easily, the game is a little bit confusing at the beginning but the great community will help you out.

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XOXCity SeduCity Spec Sheet

XOXCity SeduCity

Two-dimensional and cartoonish animated virtual world community.
DeveloperMU Solutions Inc.
TypeMultiplayer Virtual Sex Game
GenreMMO Social Game (2D)
Platforms Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Price$3.95 One-Avatar 7-Day Account
$13.95 One-Avatar 30-Day Account
$21.95 Two-Avatar 30-Day Account
WebsiteXOXCity SeduCity Website
XOXCity SeduCity, 4.7 out of 10 based on 280 ratings

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4.7/10 (Poor)
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XOXCity SeduCity User Review by Damionte

User Review Rating 1.0/10

From top to bottom this has got to be one of the worst games I’ve ever encountered. Nothing is intuitive, and the place is a ghost town. There’s really not much to say here. Character creation is horrible, the game

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