XStoryPlayer Review

XStoryPlayer : Singleplayer Virtual Sex Game
Review Rating /10 (Great)
Story telling concept
Extreme realistic physics
Website: XStoryPlayer Website

XStoryPlayer Review

With XStoryPlayer you play erotic stories in a highly detailed and immersive 3D game environment. You connect with the girls through a dating site and meet them at public places to establish a relationship for taking it to the next level and fully win the girl to become your love toy.

XStoryPlayer has a unique feature combination as foundation:

The Story telling concept

Interactive and entertaining singleplayer role-play stories from a very immersive first person view accompanied by the freedom to move and interact.

The AI (artificial intelligence)

Used to build up a relationship with a girl.Interactive dialogues by chat text, the girls respond in dialogue with lots of comments and you are able to order a model by using natural language (from which the commands are cleverly taken) to different poses and actions depending on what is available in the current scene and what the model is actually willing to do (story progress). Easy examples for text commands are open/close mouth.

The Physics

An extreme realistic physics simulation adds realism as a major step to not break the immersion during game play so that the girls do not feel too robotic.Physics (characters, fluids, cloth, soft bodies etc) are furthermore enabled during the full game play which means one can always (!) interact. An element that sets XStoryPlayer apart from other game engines as they do not use pre-rendered animations.

With the combination of these features XStoryPlayer is one of the rare virtual sex games that make fun for a longer duration.

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Before trying out something, e.g. intimately touching a girl or being rude, its handy to have the custom save game option in case it does not work out as planned to re-engage the story. Additionally starting from any chapter is possible.

The recently added fast sex option allows you to do a quick one too, meant as a bonus when finished playing the stories. Customize and dress the girls, use different kind of toys and pose the girls.

For the fair price of $9 one gets the Full XStoryPlayer and good value for the money. Currently two stories are available in XStoryPlayer, the third one is in development.

X Moon Production will develop XStroryPlayer further by adding more girls, male bodies, improved emotions, improved sounds, improved AI and the main thing: More stories…

In the future maybe even an open XStoryPlayer will become available that supports user created content such as custom stories, models and scenes.

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XStoryPlayer Spec Sheet


The currently most innovative game where the story is in the spotlight. In combination with artificial intelligence and realistic physics XStoryPlayer impresses with an one-of-a-kind game concept.
DeveloperX Moon Productions
TypeSingleplayer Virtual Sex Game
GenreVirtual Sex Story
Platforms Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Price$9.00 (One time payment. No recurring fees.)
WebsiteXStoryPlayer Website
XStoryPlayer, 7.1 out of 10 based on 38 ratings

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