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Meanwhile a wide series of good and very good virtual sex games is available, welcome on the one hand because of the great choosing opportunities, difficult on the other hand because of the difficulty to choose 🙂

The question is: Which of these sex games is right for me ?

Nearly twenty sex games rank in the high 7.0+ areas. As explained in the Rating Score Info these sex games are recommendable without restrictions.

First of all one should decide whether to have multiplayer virtual sex with real people or to be entertained by singleplayer sex games. This piece of advice will distinguish sex games from each other and emphasize their main characteristics.

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If you are exclusively interested in fast and easily accessible virtual sex without anything else AChat would be your choice. The sex initiation that means finding a partner runs minimalistically. As known from Live WebCam sites one easily selects the characteristics of the sex partner and presses the Search button to get an extensive list of fitting sexual partners. AChat currently has more than 600.000 registered users. After a short establishment of contacts it’s showtime. You and your bedmate meet in the selected location (virtual room) and start having sex by using an amazing number of sex positions.

AChat Screenshot 1AChat Screenshot 2AChat Screenshot 3AChat Screenshot 4
AChat Screenshot 5AChat Screenshot 6AChat Screenshot 7AChat Screenshot 8AChat Screenshot 9AChat Screenshot 10AChat Screenshot 11AChat Screenshot 12AChat Screenshot 13AChat Screenshot 14AChat Screenshot 15AChat Screenshot 16

Red Light Center

In contrast, Red Light Center is far more spacious. As a real MMOSG (Massively Multiplayer Online Social Game) it provides a tremendous virtual world to explore with actually more than 6.000.000 registered users and an amazing number of entertainment options, virtual sex of course too. One can find sexual partners here as well as friends for life. Even in Red Light Center you will find sexual hotspots that means locations that are exclusively sex focused, finding a sexual partner there is as easy as in AChat. But one also finds the more conventional locations where people come together having a good time with music and drinks.

Red Light Center - Screenshot 1Red Light Center - Screenshot 2Red Light Center - Screenshot 3Red Light Center - Screenshot 4
Red Light Center - Screenshot 5Red Light Center - Screenshot 6Red Light Center - Screenshot 7Red Light Center - Screenshot 8


For those who are interested in the best high-end sex graphics and animations 3DXChat would be the choice even if the game is still in beta state which means the user base is currently evolving. Why not do some stimulating pioneer work respectively have some pionier sex ? As a bonus all high class singleplayer sex games of the Sex Games Devil development team are included in the price.

3DXChat Screenshot 13DXChat Screenshot 23DXChat Screenshot 33DXChat Screenshot 4
3DXChat Screenshot 53DXChat Screenshot 63DXChat Screenshot 73DXChat Screenshot 83DXChat Screenshot 93DXChat Screenshot 103DXChat Screenshot 113DXChat Screenshot 123DXChat Screenshot 133DXChat Screenshot 143DXChat Screenshot 153DXChat Screenshot 16chathouse-3d-1

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3D SexVilla 2

All those interested in an endless number of models, characters, locations, outfits, customization options, user-generated content …you name it… with stimulating state of the art graphics, animations and sounds should select 3D SexVilla 2, the most comprehensive sex game available.

3D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 13D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 23D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 33D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 4
3D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 53D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 63D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 73D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 83D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 93D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 103D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 113D SexVilla 2 - Screenshot 12

BoneTown & BoneCraft

Those interested in mainstream games, that means games that have substantial game content besides sex, should take a look at BoneTown (Action Adventure) and/or BoneCraft (First-Person Shooter).

BoneTown Screenshot 1BoneTown Screenshot 2BoneTown Screenshot 3BoneTown Screenshot 4
BoneTown Screenshot 5BoneTown Screenshot 6BoneTown Screenshot 7BoneTown Screenshot 8BoneTown Screenshot 9BoneTown Screenshot 10BoneTown Screenshot 11BoneTown Screenshot 12

BoneCraft Screenshot 1BoneCraft Screenshot 2BoneCraft Screenshot 3BoneCraft Screenshot 4
BoneCraft Screenshot 5BoneCraft Screenshot 6BoneCraft Screenshot 7BoneCraft Screenshot 8BoneCraft Screenshot 9BoneCraft Screenshot 10BoneCraft Screenshot 11BoneCraft Screenshot 12

The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex

Those interested in sexual education should definitely choose the Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex. No other game offers such detailed background informations about sexual positions and satisfaction options. Who wants to do his partner a favor by adding new sexual practices to their sex life or who just wants to increase his sexual horizon respectively capabilities for the next date will find useful tips.

The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 1The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 2The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 3The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 4
The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 5The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 6The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 7The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 8The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 9The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 10The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 11The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 12The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 13The Virtual Encyclopedia of Sex Screenshot 14


If you like to see the currently most innovative game you should check out XStoryPlayer where the story is in the spotlight. In combination with artificial intelligence and realistic physics XStoryPlayer impresses with an one-of-a-kind game concept.

XStoryPlayer Screenshot 1XStoryPlayer Screenshot 2XStoryPlayer Screenshot 3XStoryPlayer Screenshot 4
XStoryPlayer Screenshot 5XStoryPlayer Screenshot 6XStoryPlayer Screenshot 7XStoryPlayer Screenshot 8XStoryPlayer Screenshot 9XStoryPlayer Screenshot 10XStoryPlayer Screenshot 11XStoryPlayer Screenshot 12XStoryPlayer Screenshot 13XStoryPlayer Screenshot 14XStoryPlayer Screenshot 15XStoryPlayer Screenshot 16XStoryPlayer Screenshot 17XStoryPlayer Screenshot 18XStoryPlayer Screenshot 19XStoryPlayer Screenshot 20

Virtual Hottie 2

Maybe a little bit outdated but still with awesome sex scenes is Virtual Hottie 2. Lovely animated, rich in detail and diversified sex scenes with beautiful women. A good tip for all who haven’t seen this game yet.

Virtual Hottie 2 Screenshot 1Virtual Hottie 2 Screenshot 2Virtual Hottie 2 Screenshot 3Virtual Hottie 2 Screenshot 4
Virtual Hottie 2 Screenshot 5Virtual Hottie 2 Screenshot 6Virtual Hottie 2 Screenshot 7Virtual Hottie 2 Screenshot 8