Virtual Sex

A short essay around the question: What is Virtual Sex ?

Accompanied by a list of virtual sex related terms and topics with the definitions for those terms.

Virtual Sex: Terminology

The term virtual sex has the meaning “sex through the use of a computer”, where the computer models a physical equivalent. Thus, virtual sex models the real sex with 3D structures, animations or webcams as a basic imitation of reality.

In contrast to the passive consuming of pornographic internet contents (like sex videos or sex scenes in mainstream video games) virtual sex always includes the activity of the virtual sex user who autonomously decides on the sexual acts.

Virtual Sex: Motivation

Virtual Sex ManVirtual Sex WomanThe attraction of virtual sex is founded in the following factors:

Virtual Sex is easily accessible, safe, anonymous, confidential, cheap and enhances the own sexuality by nearly endless availability of new sex partners respectively new sexual attractions.

With an artificial identity one gains access to new realms of experience that stay unaccessible in the real world. A virtual sex user may for example present himself as the opposite gender or may test sexual practices that go far beyond the wishes of her/his partner. Even with extreme fantasies the physical inviolability is assured due to the absence of physical contact.

One furthermore can have sex with persons that are unreachable in the real life, the game 3D SexVilla 2 for example has characters that are modeled after real persons like Julia Herz, a Venus Award winning german porn starlet.

It only takes a few typed or verbal exchanges, then the virtual avatars can get private and have sex.

The own appearance is freely selectable by the modelling of the digital alter ego. You can make yourself more beautiful, slim, blond, as you like. Female avatars become a larger bust size, the male avatars a larger penis.

The goal is to articulate the alternating sexual fantasies and to interchange corresponding acts verbally, visual and even haptic to gain sexual satisfaction.

Virtual Sex: Techniques

Verbal Visual Haptic Anonym Simulated
Supported Supported Not Supported Supported Not Supported Supported
Virtual Sex
Not Supported Supported (Supported) Supported Supported Not Supported
Virtual Sex
Supported Supported (Supported) Supported Supported Supported

Video-Chat with WebCam

Check out the best two Video-Chat Systems, BoneCams with the famous gold shows and  LiveJasmin with Amateur Cams and Pornstars.

Singleplayer Virtual Sex Games (SPVSG)

See a list of the most prominent 3D sex games with detailed reviews for each singleplayer sex game that describe how the virtual sex is simulated.

Multiplayer Virtual Sex Games (MMOVSG)

See a list of the most prominent MMO sex games with detailed reviews for each multiplayer sex game that describe how the virtual sex is simulated.

Virtual Sex: Trouble through exaggeration

As with all stimulants an uncontrolled overuse leads to addiction, also the decrease in participating in the real world through the alternative virtual world can reach unhealthy proportions. The easiness of a click in contrast to real life efforts play thereby a central role. Furthermore the 24×7 availability.

Virtual Sex: Forecast

While pornographic internet contents are mainly consumed by males the number of female actors having non-trivial virtual sex increases soaring.

If you now question yourself: Will real sex be substituted by virtual sex ?

Don’t Panic !

With the introduction of the E-Book everyone feared the extinction of printed books, the opposite became true, the sales volume of printed books unaffectedly increased 🙂

Well then, off to your virtual deflowering !