XStoryPlayer : Version 3.5 released with lots of extra’s

The XMoon team released the latest version 3.5 of the singleplayer sex game XStoryPlayer.

This update includes the complete Tentacle Dreams story and awesome new sex animations.
It furthermore provides major optimizations to the physics engine to increase the performance while having multiple characters.

Too many details to mention here, find them out with some experimenting 🙂 and check out this XStoryPlayer 3.5 screenshot collection.

Modders are able to make new dungeons, clothes and textures which means the game content is steadily and fast enhanced by user generated content. Always great upcoming additions to the basic game.

We are following XStoryPlayer since the early days and have to say it’s worth every cent, we can’t wait for version 4. If you upgrade from an earlier version (i.e. version 1) be sure that the new level of polish will blow you away.

Great job!

XStoryPlayer - Version 3.5 - Screenshot 1XStoryPlayer - Version 3.5 - Screenshot 2XStoryPlayer - Version 3.5 - Screenshot 3XStoryPlayer - Version 3.5 - Screenshot 4XStoryPlayer - Version 3.5 - Screenshot 5XStoryPlayer - Version 3.5 - Screenshot 6XStoryPlayer - Version 3.5 - Screenshot 7XStoryPlayer - Version 3.5 - Screenshot 8XStoryPlayer - Version 3.5 - Screenshot 9

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